The 30 Second Project

IMG_2628-blogAs a follow on from my last blog post, I decided I needed something to work on when the weather was not so great for the birds or I didn’t have the ability to go chasing them.  I have come up with the 30 second project.  I am limiting myself to a 30 second exposure. Not 25 seconds, not 10 seconds, 30 seconds of not moving the camera and not holding my finger down on the shutter.  It is the complete opposite to bird photography in regards to shutter speed and I am finding it a challenge to adjust.IMG_2610-blogThe first thing I came up against was that what I see with my eyes is going to be way different after the camera has recorded 30 seconds worth.  So in order to compose my image I need both still and movement.  The beach is the obvious choice and is currently my learning ground but I may get more adventurous further into the project.  I have no time limit to this learning curve so you may find 30 second images slipped in between bird shoots from time to time.  IMG_2659-blogThe top images were taken this morning at Owhiro Bay and Moa Point with dull wet weather and lovely big waves.  it wasn’t until I got home that I found there was a tsunami alert!  Seems every time that happens I am at the beach!  Anyway the light wasn’t the best but I am sort of happy with a few of them.IMG_2675-blog  IMG_2657-blogThe bottom images were taken at the Day’s Bay Wharf, Eastbourne, last week.  The light was a little better and the tide was in further.  I actually wanted to get under the wharf but that will have to be a low tide trick.  Another day perhaps.  Enjoy!IMG_2606-blog  IMG_2605-blog  IMG_2603-blog  IMG_2596-blog

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