The South Island Robin

IMG_5465-blog5The South Island Robins are such friendly little birds, they will happily hop onto your shoe or your camera bag and don’t appear to be afraid of people at all.  Sometimes they get too close to photograph but they are still a delight to watch.  IMG_5763-blog5On Motuara Island the robins were no different, they happily hopped about and bathed in the pool of water in front of the crowd of cameras.  Even the noise of all the shutters and the odd flash going off didn’t worry them, they are such friendly birds.  IMG_5386-blog5While we were waiting on other birds to visit the little pool of water we were thoroughly entertained by the robins.  I have so many photos of them now that it is impossible to show them all here, but I am going to post as many as I can because they are so darn cute!  Enjoy!IMG_5357-blog5   IMG_5819-blog5 IMG_5774-blog5 IMG_5480-blog5 IMG_5396-blog5

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