I don’t know why it is, but almost everyone likes tigers! In the shops you can find all sorts of things with tiger faces on them from bedspreads to pictures to hang on the wall. Personally I have never really been one to drool over a tiger picture – unless of course I took it.

Realistically I am never going to see a tiger in the wild, so I have to be satisfied with photographing them in a captive environment and until recent years that has always been a difficult task. Now with zoo’s using more glass in their enclosure viewing areas, it is a little easier to achieve. Having the glass clean is always a bonus but the camera can focus beyond a little grunge if need be.

These images were shot at the Auckland Zoo and I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to capture the tiger when she was so active. Every time I have visited there since, the tigers were all snoozing in the sun and not very motivated to move at all. These shots were taken just after opening time and I suspect food was either close by or just finished – I am just thankful that I wasn’t the meal!

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