1E6A9312-blogMy mother was staying for a few days so I took her to Waikanae to see what the birds were doing there.  It’s a great place when you can’t walk too far, just jump out of the car and you are there!  1E6A9311-blogThe first bird I spotted that was of interest was a shag busy diving right in front of me.  I did my best to keep up with it and managed to grab a few images of the shag eating shrimp.1E6A9327-blog

We met up with another photographer there from a Facebook group I belong to and he kindly showed us how to find another pond where there were some spoonbills spotted.1E6A9337-blog  I didn’t get to the spoon bills due to the uneven ground and my lack of balance but I did manage some interesting images of the pied stilts and a duck family.1E6A9408-blog

It is an area that I would like to go back to when I am on my own and a little bit more mobile, because I heard lots of warblers (saw one), and I would really love to get a nice shot of one on the flax bushes.  One of the park locals also told me there was a resident kingfisher there as well. It is somewhere new to explore 🙂1E6A9429-blog 1E6A9410-blog

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