A Challenge

House Sparrow

A friend issued me a challenge recently which I have done in the past but not with the new camera, so I thought I would give it a go today.  I chose today because was overcast, raining and I was inside, so shooting though a not so clean window. I was putting lots of barriers between me and achieving the challenge of capturing sparrows in flight.

House Sparrow

I put some seed out to attract the birds, and put it in a small container so there was only room for one bird at a time, then waited.  Before long despite the rain, there were sparrows hovering in front of the seed trying to get at it and I had my shots.  I pushed the ISO as high as I dared and tried to keep the f-stop at a reasonable place.

House Sparrow

They are not the sharpest images but considering all the obstacles I consider it a challenge achieved.

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