Waimanu Lagoon

Red billed gull

Yesterday we made another visit to Waikanae, and the Waimanu Lagoon.  Unfortunately someone forgot to send the memo to the birds because when we arrived, there were very few there.

Little Shag

I sat and watched a little shag busy diving for dinner.  It appeared to be swallowing something most times it surfaced but I had to be very quick to see exactly what it was.  It appears that crab was on the dinner menu for the day.  I really like how slick their feathers look when they are wet.

Little Shag

Little Shag

I was getting desperate so turned to the gulls.  I was busy taking a portrait of a willing model when the shot was photo bombed by another gull. I actually like that shot too, so have included it here as well.

Red billed gulls

After sitting waiting for something to happen we decided to call it a day.  Looking around in the trees where the car was parked we spied a grey warbler and I managed three shots of it before it too disappeared.

Grey Warbler

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