A day at Wellington Zoo


A friend of mine was gifted a Red Panda encounter at Wellington Zoo for her birthday year before last. Yesterday she finally managed to do the encounter, so I went along to take photos of her experience for her.  Of course I planned on photographing the Red Pandas for myself as well knowing that they would be active just before the encounter.  They didn’t let me down either, I am super pleased with these shots.  We also visited the Meercats, they have a couple of babies at the moment so they were taking even more interest in the cameras than usual. One of them looked straight into the lens for me!  We also visited the Cotton-top Tamarins but photographing through glass it hard at the best of times, add reflections and dirt to the mix and it is not an easy task at all.  Anyway, enjoy today’s selection and look out for another post in a day or so with the rest of my zoo adventure.

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