A day out with my Cousin and our Lumix G9’s

My cousin also has a Lumix G9 and whenever we get the opportunity, we get together so I can teach her one new thing about her camera.  By restricting it to one feature at a time, she finds it easier to remember and practice before moving to something else. This trip long exposure was the lesson of the day.  I borrowed a tripod when I arrived in Auckland as I was way overweight for my cabin luggage on the plane, and sadly it was not great.  My camera swung  about all over the place and I had to tie it to the tripod to keep it still enough to get the shot.  It certainly didn’t stop me trying.

We visited the Owharoa Waterfalls at Waikino. It is just a short walk from the road which suited me just fine.  These images are the best I could manage without a steady tripod. I chose to focus smaller sections instead of trying to get the entire waterfall. I am really pleased with this approach as it appears like there were several falls and not just one.



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