A fishy tale

In all the years I have been visiting the kingfishers at Pauatahanui, all I have ever seen them catch is crabs. I am not complaining about that, they are fun to watch and the crabs make for good images – especially when the kingfisher is bashing them from side to side to kill them. But yesterday was a little bit different.

Yesterday I was photographing the kingfishers diving and not really taking much notice of what they were diving for. It wasn’t until we (there were several photographers out there) saw the bird in the tree we noticed that it had something different.  It was in fact a small fish! 

Then of course eyes went to the camera review screen to see if I had managed to capture an image of the kingfisher with the fish.  I was pleased to see there were a few but wouldn’t be able to know how sharp they were until I got home and put them on the computer monitor.

Suffice to say I am super stoked at these images and while the kingfisher is not facing in the ideal direction, right now I just don’t care.  I got the fish! 

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