A Weekend Visit to Brisbane

It sounds very decadent, flying to Brisbane just for the weekend, and it was, but I got to spend some quality time with my son and grandsons who I had not seen since July 2022. My son has moved home since I was over there last and when I told him I wasn’t bringing my camera because I wanted to travel light, he said “no, bring it”. So I did and when I arrived at his place I could see why he said that. He has a delightful small back yard that is visited by many colourful birds.

It wasn’t long before I was clicking away on the shutter with the birds right in front of me. We didn’t have to hide from them, they just didn’t care so long as we didn’t make any fast movements. So there I was having flown fours hours doing exactly what I do at home. Sitting enjoying the company of family, watching and photographing the local birds.

The image above was pretty much the only time the sky was so clear and blue. It rained a lot of the time but that didn’t put a damper on anything. We explored different places, got in some shopping and enjoyed family meals in the evening. I tried to stay on New Zealand time as Brisbane are three hours behind us at the moment. That meant I was awake at 4am and asleep at night by 8.30-9.00pm.

The birds that I have in this post are the Noisy miner (directly above), Blue-faced honeyeater (both male with the blue face and the female with the green face) below, and the Rainbow lorikeet at the top of the post.

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