John Boyd and Toya Heatley

At the PSNZ CR Kennedy Honour’s Banquet

After being notified that my Associate set had been successful, I had to wait until the PSNZ CR Kennedy Honour’s Banquet before I could announce my success.  I also had to go back up on stage, (having been there the day before to receive my Honour’s Ribbon in the PSNZ Canon National Exhibition), to receive my certificate and pin.  It was presented to me by the PSNZ Patron, John Boyd Hon FPSNZ, Hon PSNZ, APSNZ. I have yet to see the official photographer’s image but being a photographic convention, there was no shortage of photographers 🙂

The lighting in the exhibition room really didn’t do the set justice, as the images appeared to look very dark.  They were printed on a metallic paper that when the light hits it really makes the colours pop.  Sadly this wasn’t obvious. However I did manage to get a photo of me with the set as requested by my wonderful model.

This last image is the group shot of those attending the banquet who received their Associateship certificate and pin.  There’s not a huge number of us as the Associateship is not easy to achieve.  As I said in my previous post, it took me seven attempts to be successful, and you can only submit one set each year.  My next challenge will be a fellowship set to bring me to the same level as my mother – not that I am at all competitive.  Thank you to Helen Westerbeke FPSNZ for these images.

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