Staglands Wildlife Reserve & Cafe

Yesterday a fellow photographer and I went for a trip out to Staglands.  Being a Friday it was virtually empty of people and a very relaxing space to have lunch and of course make a few images.  Staglands is a place where it doesn’t matter how often you go there, you can always come away with a different image.

We had fun with the feeder by the cafe where many silvereyes flock for the free food.  Every now and then there is a bellbird causing them all to scatter while it feeds, so I was pretty focused on getting some shots of it. There were also tui dropping in for a free feed as well and this one posed nicely for me before flapping off again.

In the kea aviary initially we didn’t see any birds at all, but then a pukeko came to see what we were up to and suddenly birds started appearing from all directions.  One of the kea posed for all of about ten seconds before running back into his hiding space where he thought I couldn’t see him.

As we were leaving the aviary, I noticed a dunnock scratching around on the ground. I like their fine features, so much prettier than a sparrow.

Lastly, Staglands is a part of the whio recovery program, so it is always nice to be able to get a reasonable image of the whio without having to go trekking over rough terrain to find them.  It was a short visit but from my point of view – very successful.


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