Tui Bliss

October is my favourite month to photograph the birds in my garden. It is generally when most of the local kowhai trees have finished flowering and our trees come into bloom.

The Birds in My Garden

Continuing on from my last post about attracting birds into the garden, I can now tell you that after two weeks of work around the garden, I have almost instant success. We have had a few trees removed after being damaged in the strong winds, and have pruned back some others allowing for more bird friendly plants.

Another tui/kowhai season

Our kowhai trees are still in bud and yet to flower, so the tui are off elsewhere at the moment. A friend and fellow photographer told me they were going crazy over her kowhai tree yesterday, so I jumped in the car, camera in hand, to pay her a visit.


Spring time with the tui

Each year when the kowhai trees flower in our neighbourhood, I know it is time to clean my dining room window to be ready for the rainy spring days. Why the window? Because I have two late flowering kowhai trees right outside the house and my large bay window allows me to use the house …

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