The Tui And The Flax Flowers

Tui close up with pollen on beak and head.

Flax plants are flowering everywhere at the moment and with it we have tui with yellow pollen on their faces from drinking the nectar. It is a great opportunity to photograph tui as the flowers stalks are tall, and the tui will walk along them until they have tasted every flower. In some of these images I was less that a metre away from the bird. They are so focused on what they are doing that they didn’t bother with me or my camera. This is just a short post to share these images, so please enjoy.

Tui on flax flowers
Tui on flax flowers
Tui sucking nectar from flax flowers
Tui on flax flower stalk
Tui on flax flowers
Tui on flax looking out to survey area.

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