Tui Bliss

October is my favourite month to photograph the birds in my garden. It is generally when most of the local kowhai trees have finished flowering and our trees come into bloom. Being a different variety to all the local trees, they usually flower a month after all the others, which means we have a greater chance of tui visiting the garden at this time.

The tui are in the tree from sun up to sun down, however I find the afternoon light to be the best, so generally leave them in the mornings. I do have to keep an eye on the neighbourhood cats who have worked out that there is a lot of activity in our trees. Yesterday I even saw a kārearea (NZ falcon) doing a fly over. It is pretty special to see them in urban areas but we are close enough to the bush covered hills that we are within their hunting ground.

These images were all photographed over the last few days and I know some of them would look great on the wall. If you are interested in a print please contact me and we can discuss your requirements. Otherwise I hope you enjoy the images posted here today.

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