Every now and then we have a bird hit the window due to the trees being so close to the house. It usually stuns them briefly and then they fly off as if nothing has happened. This morning I heard the thud and turned to look. Just outside the door was a tiny silvereye, totally

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Close to home

The Winter months generally keep me close to home.  I haven’t been out to visit the kingfishers since before my trip to Brisbane.  I have either been too busy or it has been too cold.  Sometimes it is just easier to stay home and enjoy the birds in my own back yard. I have taken

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Staying home

A beautiful Wellington day is something not to be missed. There are usually beautiful reflections in the water and still windless sunny days are something we often get but the region is not remembered for.  Saturday was just perfect and I chose to stay home instead of racing out to the inlet to stalk the

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