The Youngsters Are About

1e6a1821-blogIt’s that time of year again when the colours in the garden are delightful and the silvereyes bring their youngsters to the bananas.  We hang bananas in the trees and they just go nuts over them.  We have to create a chain of cable ties to hang them from to stop the sparrows and blackbirds from polishing them off.  The silvereyes can get to them easily as can the tui.1e6a1804-blog

We have a few youngsters about at the moment and while I witnessed them being fed by their parents this morning I never had the camera in my hand at the right moment.  I work in the mornings so if the birds don’t wait for me then I miss the shot. It is still nice to hear the fledglings calling for their breakfast though.1e6a1843-blog

All of these images were shot through open French doors at my home.  The birds are used to people being around and are more focused on the available food than the camera pointed at them.  Enjoy!1e6a1793-blog

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