Zealandia Rocks!

1e6a1537-blogMy favourite ‘go to’ place for bird photography is Zealandia.  I haven’t been for a while because of the amount of walking and/or standing required to get the shots I want. (I am a member so it is easy to visit often, just one very reasonable yearly fee to pay).  Zealandia have a mobility scooter available for free hire, so today I took advantage of it and headed down the track with my camera and wonderful husband to carry my gear.1e6a1627a-blogAnd then it rained…  It didn’t last for long and I was prepared with a plastic bag for the camera and a poncho for myself, so it was onward down the track.  I heard a couple of shining cuckoos but alas I didn’t see them.  Saw lots of grey warblers but didn’t catch them on the camera.  I was beginning to think I was going to come away with no images.  Not that I was worried about that, just being there was enough of a treat for me.1e6a1604-blog

Then we found our way to the kaka hang out.  Not a bird in sight when we first arrived there but I am good at being patient (sometimes) and was prepared to wait.  I am glad I did because both the kaka and the tui put on a great show for us.  The tui was trying to chase off the kaka, and the kaka found safety in numbers and stood their ground.  Even the rain held off long enough for me to capture some great shots.1e6a1508-blog

My next goal is to be able to do the walk without the scooter but for now I am happy to take advantage of it, get out in the fresh air and be able to listen to the constant bird song.  If you have not been to Zealandia, then I highly recommend a visit when you are next in Wellington, especially if you like photographing birds!1e6a1525-blog

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