“Hey Mum, I’m Hungry!!!”

1e6a2008-blogHaving heard and seen the Silvereye chicks being fed for several days, yesterday I finally managed to capture an image of them.  They are not as good as I would have liked but that was mainly because of where the birds decided to have lunch – they would have looked much better on a tree branch.1e6a2013-blog

I am happy to have managed to capture the moment though and really do enjoy hearing the chicks begging for food as they bounce around the garden.  This morning it is raining and the numbers of Silvereyes are up on yesterday.  The light is not great but who knows, might get a better shot today!1e6a2012-blog

We also have the tui back visiting again.  The kowhai have finished flowering so they are back looking for the feeders.  We don’t put anything in them when there is an abundance of natural food, and the tui are very good at letting us know when it is time to replenish the feeders.1e6a2057-blog

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