Little balls of fluff – Silvereye fledglings

I look forward to this time every year, when the Silvereye fledglings follow their parents to our garden in search of food.  They are a little later this year but well worth the wait. Over the weekend we have had two fledglings flitting around the branches calling for food.  They have a very distinct call that is loud enough to alert me to grab my camera fast!

Each year I learn a little bit  more about these little birds. I would often see some of them with ruffled feathers on their heads and never really knew why – now I do.  When they are feeding their young, the chicks beaks are dragging over those head feathers pulling them back and creating the ruffled look.  So now I can identify the birds who are feeding young.

This pair of fledglings is (I believe) a male and a female.  The male tends to have more yellow feathers under the beak area, where as the female is much lighter in that area.  The colour deepens in the breeding males – again making them easy to identify when you know what to look for. Both parents work hard to keep their demanding young fed.

The fledglings are so cute with their antics while trying to get attention to themselves, that it is very hard to put the camera down. Which of course means lots of work picking out the best images afterwards.  Unless of course, I hear that distinctive call again…

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