1E6A9800Every now and then we have a bird hit the window due to the trees being so close to the house. It usually stuns them briefly and then they fly off as if nothing has happened. This morning I heard the thud and turned to look. Just outside the door was a tiny silvereye, totally still and looking very much like cat tucker. The neighbours cat also was showing interest from a distance.1E6A0370 Once I realized that it wasn’t going to fly off as usual I opened the door, scared off the cat and gently picked up the bird with a soft cloth. It stayed wrapped in the cloth for a few minutes then made its way out and up onto my hand. It was a surreal experience having this wild bird happily sit looking at me while it stretched its wings and got itself together.1E6A9657 I expected it to fly off but it just hopped about on my hand, as if it was something it did all the time. Obviously I wasn’t seen as a threat. I then took it over to the feeder thinking a drink of sugar water might be just what the doctor ordered. The little silvereye agreed and as soon as I put my hand near the feeder it hopped off for a drink.1E6A5290 It was then that the Tui decided to visit and my little friend flew off in a hurry. The tuis own the feeder and only allow the silvereyes to feed when they are not using it. It is an understanding they have. It is a good feeling to know that today I saved a wee bird from being cat tucker and to know that it wasn’t badly injured, just stunned.

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