Sirocco Kakapo

1E6A5511Last night we visited Sirocco Kakapo.  He is currently visiting at Zealandia Ecosanctuary in Wellington. From a photographic perspective it was a real challenge but I am always one to learn from others and had the benefit of a fellow photographer sharing her experiences before we went.  So armed with a 50mm lens that I have owned for years and never used I headed off with a plan of action.1E6A5548

There were 27 people (including children) in our group.  We had a couple of minions and a cute little wonder woman amongst the group.  We were told that Sirocco loves hats, so would be very pleased to see them.1E6A5529Unfortunately when we arrived Sirocco had just woken up and wasn’t that worried about who was there to meet him.  He walked the catwalk in search of breakfast – finding a grape or two along the way and when that was done he headed to a corner and decided that was it.1E6A5490With much coaxing from his handler, he finally decided to head off in the right direction but alas our time was up and we had to go.  I am sure the next group got to see him in the centre up on the branches but it wasn’t to be for us.1E6A5472Sirocco is a handsome bird and a great ambassador for conservation.  I would urge those who have not been to see him to do so before he goes. 1E6A5445 At this point I also have to say a huge thank you to the friend who sent us the tickets to see him. Lee – I wish you a speedy recovery and hope we can take you back to Zealandia on your next visit to Wellington.1E6A55251E6A5560 1E6A5591 1E6A5422 1E6A5437

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