Wellington on a good day

1E6A5891A couple of days ago a friend suggested that it might be fun to go to Zealandia to see the birds and all their spring activity.  It was raining at the time and the forecast said it was going to stay that way for sometime.  However this morning I got a message at 7am pointing out the sun in the sky, so I had no excuse.1E6A5962As I was riding down the main track to meet up with my friend who have taken a detour by the pontoons (I was using a mobility scooter), I came across a group of people with one of the Zealandia guides.  They were all standing round a tree going ooh and ahh.  When they saw my camera they called me over and made room for me to see.  1E6A5988There was a kingfisher sitting in the kowhai tree with the tail of a skink hanging out its beak.  Apparently if I had been seconds earlier I would have seen the whole skink, and indeed the tail was only there for one shot.  They were all happy that I managed to get a shot and headed off in the opposite direction to me.1E6A6347-Edit-EditFrom there we went to the top dam feeders in the hope of seeing some kakariki.  We were lucky and managed to get some really close to us.  In fact I managed to get so close that the lens wouldn’t focus!  I hope you enjoy today’s images – you just can’t beat Wellington on a good day!1E6A65361E6A64451E6A6411

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