Through the window pane


Yesterday I saw a Tui feeding from the Kowhai at the front of the house.  I grabbed my camera and shot through the glass.  It was so dirty that the image came out with a haze in front of the entire scene.  It ended in the trash can.  So I washed a patch of the window (it’s a very large window) and figured I would keep watch.1E6A8322-EditToday I managed to capture these two images through the same window.  I am really pleased with the result.  At the other end of the house the windows are small and you guessed it – rather grubby.  I didn’t bother cleaning them as it is a bit of a mission and I didn’t have the time.  However when a couple of tui sat in the tree arguing I couldn’t resist picking up the camera – dirty windows and all.1E6A7998-Edit 1E6A7996-EditThe last shot of the day was of a tui at the feeder.  I love the pollen above its beak showing just where it had been feeding earlier in the day.1E6A8081-Edit

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