A visit to Auckland

Blog11Last weekend I packed up the studio into suitcases and headed to Auckland to meet my son’s partner and her two daughters. They had asked for some formal family portraits – hence taking the studio (the weather wasn’t great for outdoor shots). I am happy to say that my son (#2) has done well. He now has a lovely lady in his life and two beautiful girls, and what a difference they have made to his life!Blog3I took with me some of my fairy costumes in the hope that the girls would enjoy a dress up and photo shoot session after the formals. I normally cater to much smaller sizes but we managed – just. A quick dab with the face paint and we were good to go.Blog4Working with the girls was a lot of fun.  Once they relaxed into it we managed to get some really cool shots and I am sure their mother will enjoy the images for many years to come.  I have selected a few to share with you here today.  Blog9

If you have a little fairy who would enjoy dressing up and having some fun with the camera, or just want some nice family portraits, send me a message and we can make it happen. I will have some specials happening prior to Christmas so you can make some very special gifts with the images.



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