Family Festivities

The holiday season usually has us doing one of two things – heading away or having family to stay. This holiday season is the latter. Our newest granddaughter and her parents traveled from Melbourne, Australia to spend the holiday break with us.

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Recreating the past

Yesterday I had a visit from our nieces who wanted some photos taken while they were all together.  One of them lives in Australia now, so the opportunity doesn’t come about often. We had planned an outside shoot, but the weather gods decided otherwise, so the night before I got out the studio gear and

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Fun on the tramps

This weekend past was a big family event.  My son and his partner married in the beautiful Redwoods Forest in Rotorua. (They have requested that photos are not posted yet.) We had all four grandchildren together for the first time and it was really great seeing them make friends with each other.  We took them

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