Christmas with family – part 2

IMG_19392015 saw us go from being Nana and Poppa to one, to now being Nana and Poppa to four!  My son and his wife in Australia welcomed their second son in June and my son in Auckland now has a ready made family with his fiancé and her two daughters.  The latter joined us for Christmas and stayed a few days.IMG_1843


We packed a whole lot of fun into those few days and I am sure everyone enjoyed themselves.  We had no tears, no fights (other than water balloon fights) and no accidents. The latter being a surprise considering the big children just love to play on the little children’s playground (see below). I believe we went through 500 water balloons over two consecutive days and the big kids enjoyed them just as much if not more than the younger ones they teamed up with. IMG_2025

IMG_2068IMG_2272We went out to Staglands on Boxing Day when everyone else was at the shops. We had a picnic lunch with the peacocks and generally saw the park through a child’s eye instead of a photographers.  I left my big lens at home and concentrated on it being a family day.IMG_2393IMG_2481IMG_2654

At the end of their visit I decided I wanted to see my grandsons in Australia too, so I have booked the tickets.

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