Making the most of the sunshine

1E6A3992bNew Years day, and after a nice long sleep in we decided to head out and make the most of the sunshine. We headed back to the Marine Wetland in the hope of getting some better images of the dabchicks and their young.  Unfortunately the chicks are quick old and no longer ride on their parents backs but they are cute all the same.1E6A4156b 1E6A4118b 1E6A4083b

There were no spoonbills that I could see this time but the white-faced heron was about. Once it saw the camera it decided to make a hasty retreat to the far end of the pond.  Clearly we need more photographers there so the birds get used to having cameras around.1E6A3983b

There is also a family of NZ Scaups making their home at the wetland, but the male was nowhere to be seen.  Again they are very timid and not keen to stay near the cameras.  I did manage to get a few images before they too headed to the far end of the pond.  I sat there for over an hour but they didn’t come back within reach of the lens.1E6A4310b1E6A4054b

It is a popular park for walkers and bike riders and every time one could be heard the frogs in the pond went silent.  They seem to wait for a couple of minutes and then go back to their chorus.  I spent a long time looking for a frog to photograph and just as we were leaving I found a couple within reach.1E6A4375b1E6A4410b1E6A4484b

I tried to get a clear shot of one croaking, but alas there were reeds in the way and even stepping to the side didn’t help.  A challenge for another day. The pond is also home to a very large number of dragonflies and damselflies.  I managed a couple of shots of the latter.  Again, the dragonflies are a challenge for another day.1E6A4264b

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