Wellington Zoo with Family

My son and grandsons have been visiting from Brisbane and I took them to visit Wellington Zoo.  My focus of the day was the children so I restricted myself to my 35-100 lens.  Usually at the zoo I only ever use my 100-400 so I found it easy to shift my focus to taking images of the boys. At least until they went further than I wanted to walk and I had a bit of time to fill by the chimp and meerkat enclosures.

The chimps were just about to get fed and were outside and alert. I especially enjoyed the interactions with the Sally’s baby. Though Sally wasn’t that keen and before long decided it was time to move away.

The meerkats were all out playing and the youngsters put on a great show for me. Not having the big lens was a good thing because I managed to capture some images that would not have worked otherwise.

I also managed to capture some great memories of my fast growing grandsons and their dad, who have now flown back home.

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