Silvereye taking flight

Winter Weather

Rain is never a good for photography in my opinion. I don’t like getting wet or cold, so I tend to stay indoors during the worst of Winter. However that doesn’t stop my bird photography from happening. It does mean the windows get washed so they are clear enough to photograph through. Each Winter we get a flock of silvereyes visit our feeders, and most times there is a tui or three about also.

This year is no exception. I have been hearing a call that I was sure was a bellbird and sure enough yesterday I saw it sitting in the tree singing to me. I live about a kilometer from a native bush park and usually that is where I see the bellbirds if I am lucky. This one has been hanging around the house for a while now so I am hoping it will notice the tree fuschias that I have planted out the back when they flower this season.

This post is a selection of images taken yesterday while sitting at my dining room table enjoying a cup of tea and the company of another photographer. The heat pump was on and we were toasty warm while the birds posed in the rain. I hope you enjoy the selection.

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