Easter in Brisbane

I am really behind in my image processing right now, I have been travelling in many different directions over the last two months and some of my images are still sitting waiting.  Today’s set are of my beautiful grandsons who I only get to see once a year at best.  It has been a little longer this time because of my foot surgery but it was worth the wait.

We had a lot of fun with the boys, they are both such characters and so different from each other.  Lucas is growing up into a little man with lots to say, and lots to love.  He managed to con his Poppa on his first trip to the supermarket and came back with a huge grin and chocolate!  He tried the same technique with me, but alas I was wise to his tricks.

Lucas watches a lot of Peppa Pig and that meant we did too. It became very obvious that Peppa Pig “loves” lots of things and everything she loves, she gets.  It made sense after a while when Lucas was upset for not getting something he wanted he would say “but I love it!”  TV shows have a lot to answer for.

Elijah loves the telephone.  Any telephone – even if it is not a telephone.  If it is the right shape it will do.  He would walk around the house having conversations with the phone looking cute as a button. If he could grab his dad’s actual phone that was even more fun!

The other thing Elijah likes to do (like most second children) is to wind up his big brother.  Pull apart his toys, hide his toys or take his toys.  It’s all fun if you get a reaction and if big brother has it then it must be a fun thing to do!  Elijah is also keen on art work.  There was a lovely piece he had recently done in chalk on our bedroom wall.

I am a little sad that I will miss their birthday’s this year but we got to spend Easter with them and will see them again in November when they visit for their Uncle Daniel’s wedding. We are going to have to Elijah proof our house before then but we are very much looking forward to their visit.

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