Madagascar – The Musical

Our two grand-daughters, Abigail and Claudia, were both cast in the musical “Madagascar” which was showing in Rotorua earlier this month. We made the trip up from Wellington especially to see the girls perform. Their mother had secured us a front row table so we had the best possible view of the show. At some points the show was actually all around us, as some of the characters came through the audience to get to the stage. It was a top class performance with a cast made up entirely of children aged 11 to 18.

We were also given permission to go back-stage to take a couple of quick shots of the girls in their costumes. They had several roles each with a costume change in the middle. The show started with them on stage as make-up artists to the main characters and they finished the show as cute lemurs. Unfortunately we were not permitted to take photos during the show so these are all I have, but there apparently is going to be a CD of images which I will definitely purchase when it becomes available.

The show was extremely entertaining and very professional. The girls were excellent with their dancing and singing – as was the entire cast. I hope the they continue to audition for other musicals – I think they have a great future ahead of them. Definitely worth all the hard work preparing for the shows – well done girls, Nana and Poppa are very proud of you both!

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