Brisbane in February

IMG_3371-Edit-blogWe have had some record temperatures here in the Hutt Valley over the last few weeks and just as it was starting to cool down guess what I did!  I went to Brisbane for the weekend. Not long after I got there, it rained!!  The heat returned the next day and it wasn’t much different to how it has been here in New Zealand.IMG_3168-Edit-blog

My eldest son, his wife and their two boys live in Brisbane so as often as I can I head over the ditch to visit with them.  It was a very short trip this time – just the weekend – but it gave me time to see my grandsons and take some photographs of them to keep me going until the next visit.IMG_3327-Edit-blogThe two boys couldn’t be more different.  Lucas is very strong willed and is very particular about what he wants, with “eggs” being the food of the moment.  I did introduce him to corn flakes while I was there though.  Elijah on the other hand is very easy going and just likes food!  He is a happy wee chap and only seems to cry when he is tired or hungry.IMG_3211-Edit-blogOn Sunday evening – my last night with them – we went to a park to get some family photographs.  Lucas was more interested in pulling the bark off the trees than sitting for a photo and Elijah would look anywhere except where the camera was.  But we managed to get some lovely images and I hope my son and his wife are happy with them.IMG_3302-Edit-blogIMG_3346-blog

And yes this is me with my grandsons 🙂IMG_3136-Edit-blog


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