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IMG_6732-EditI have spent so much time working on other websites just lately that this one has been somewhat neglected – as has my camera!  My camera is going to have to wait a bit longer still but in the mean time I have been searching through my archives looking for photos that I have previously ignored to see if I can find any gems amongst them.Butterfly_Creek_Auckland-123-Edit

None of todays images have been here before, they are images that I initially discarded but didn’t delete.  I try not to delete too fast and these are classic examples why I shouldn’t.  They are from various places from Butterfly Creek to Ngatea Water Gardens and some are a lot closer to home.Butterfly_Creek_Auckland-247-Edit

I can’t see me finding much time to get out with the camera for a bit, so you can expect more archived images to surface when I get the time.  Enjoy!Ngatea_Water_Gardens-16-EditNgatea_Water_Gardens-153-EditNgatea_Water_Gardens-139-Edit


2 thoughts on “Searching the Archives”

  1. These are simply beautiful Toya. Knowing how difficult Nature photography is I hold you guys in such high regard. I love every one of these.

  2. Your photos – especially those of nature – are absolutely brilliant. If my “good” ones were anywhere near your ‘rejects’, I would be a very happy person.

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