A Taste for Oranges

1E6A9772We feed the birds in our garden many things, one of which is oranges.  Usually it is just the Silvereyes that show any interest in the oranges however just lately one of the many tui that visit the garden has taken such a liking to oranges that it doesn’t bother with the sugar water at all.  It flies in and straight to the orange, then off again without so much as a glance to the feeder.1E6A8678-Edit

The number of tui visiting us has increased just lately, something to do with the time of year as I seem to remember them doing this last year about this time also.  There is a lot of territorial feather flapping going on from time to time which is amusing to watch and extremely hard to photograph.1E6A8457-Edit

I also saw a silvereye fledgling today – first one I have seen this season.  I will keep a close eye out for them over the next few days to try and get some good feeding images.  It is tricky to do as the fledglings never stop in one spot for long, they are constantly on the move.1E6A9353




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