Fairy fun with Arabella

IMG_1602-smLast Sunday I was visited by a very tired fairy for a photo shoot.  She had been at the beach all weekend and was fair tuckered out.  Not the best of times for dress ups and she kept us amused with her comments. “My cheeks and mouth are tired, I can’t smile today”. IMG_1641-smStill we carried on with a family portrait session and then dressed our little fairy up for her photos.  It was a different to most times when I am photographing little fairies, there was no bouncing around happy children so I had to adapt.IMG_1591-smA sleeping fairy is just as beautiful as a flying one and Arabella was happy to curl up and sleep for us.  She had bought me some flowers with her and I really like the image of her smelling the flower.IMG_1610-sm

This last image is Arabella with her “baby bro” and MumIMG_1509-sm

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