Every now and then we have a bird hit the window due to the trees being so close to the house. It usually stuns them briefly and then they fly off as if nothing has happened. This morning I heard the thud and turned to look. Just outside the door was a tiny silvereye, totally […]

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Silvereye Season

Our back garden looks like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Birds” at the moment.  There is easily up to a hundred silvereyes flitting around the trees feasting on the hanging bananas and drinking from the tui feeder. When the tui arrives they scatter and wait quietly.  There is a definite hierarchy in the bird

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Tui Antics

Today another bird photographer and I were invited to photograph some tui in the backyard of a fellow bird enthusiast we met online.  She told us she had some very active birds at her feeders and though we might enjoy photographing them. She wasn’t wrong! We had loads of fun in the short time we were there and

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The Return of the Tui

Last August just before we headed off for a trip to Brisbane was the last time we saw the tui at our feeders.  He has been gone over the Summer months as there has been an abundance of natural food about.  He wasn’t the only one to leave us either, the waxeyes also disappeared from

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