Silvereye Season


Our back garden looks like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Birds” at the moment.  There is easily up to a hundred silvereyes flitting around the trees feasting on the hanging bananas and drinking from the tui feeder.


When the tui arrives they scatter and wait quietly.  There is a definite hierarchy in the bird world and the tui sits well above the silvereye.


Yesterday was my first opportunity to try out the new lens with the newish camera on the birds in my back yard.  They even tolerated me scooting about the driveway on my office chair with the tripod in hand as I moved to get the best light.


The tui was a bit precious about how close I could get but otherwise they didn’t really care that I was even there so long as there was food for them available.


I have been buying reject or damaged bananas really cheaply so as long as I can get these they will be happy, however if they think they are going to be replaced every hour they have another think coming.


I have been thinking about running a small workshop while the birds are so easy to photograph, if you are interested in this opportunity contact me and if there is sufficient interest I will put something together. You don’t need a huge lens as they are very close but some zoom up to 200-300 is good.

Curious Silvereye

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