Flax flowers and a Tui

IMG_1040-blog-aThe flax is in bloom right now and the tui are making a meal of it. They look a sight with their yellow makeup on – the pollen from the flax flowers covers their heads in bright yellow. I went back down to the inlet to check on the nest of pied stilt eggs – nothing hatched there as yet but all the other chicks were gone!  I am sure there are nests somewhere because the stilts were flying above us as we walked up the track doing their best to scare us off.  It didn’t work but I also didn’t go out of my way to upset them. The view from within the hide is sufficient. Today’s images though are focused on the tui.  I actually managed to capture it in flight!  This is not an easy task as the tui is a very quick mover. IMG_1039-blog-a A few weeks ago I thought I might have a go at entering some international photographic salons.  These do cost a bit but I was curious as to how my images would fare.  The first competition I totally bombed out. It was a real learning curve.  The second one I managed to gain one acceptance our of four entries, so this is a pretty good result.  The only problem is I didn’t keep good records and can’t remember what the image was.  I think next year when I do this again, I will make sure to keep good records of every entry!IMG_1162-blog-a

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