Population explosion!

20131201-IMG_0610-blogWe went for a walk around the reserve at the inlet this morning and it is clear that the bird population there is increasing.  I was almost bombarded by a family of fantail chicks chasing after their parents.
IMG_0535-blogThe grey teal I saw a week or so ago was busy taking her family of ducklings as far away from us as possible. I didn’t manage to get the whole family in one shot, but the parent bird has the very distinctive red eyes. I also saw a few Shoveller Ducks, but they had no ducklings with them.20131201-IMG_9726-blogThe pied stilts flew into a frenzy as I made my way around to the hide.  It was easy to see why as there were a lot of chicks wandering around the edges of the water.  They all went into hiding themselves so I sat and waited it out. Eventually they came out and started to forage along the edge of the water again.  20131201-IMG_9777-blog

20131201-IMG_0501-blogOne of the pied stilts is still sitting on eggs and when she stood up I got a good view of the eggs in the nest. The other nest that I saw the other week has two chicks and they are already catching food themselves at the water’s edge.20131201-IMG_0179-blog

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