Bird on a Wire

It is usually my intention to avoid man-made structures when photographing birds.  Sometimes it is just best to go where the bird wants to go and if that’s on a wire then these are the results 🙂  These images were captured just as we were leaving Queen Elizabeth Park. My camera was turned off and […]

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Farewell 2020

This year has been one full of disappointment and determination.  For two years I had been looking forward to photographing humming birds in Canada, alas I didn’t get there.  While missing the trip was disappointing, I am determined not to let it get me down and am thankful I received refunds on all the cancellations. 

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The Black Morph Fantail

Recently I have heard of people seeing and photographing black morph fantails.  As these are only about 5% of the fantail population and mostly found in the South Island, I really didn’t think I had much chance of seeing one anytime soon.  I went to a different place this morning on the recommendation of a

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