Playing with the wind…

20131130-IMG_9621-blogThis morning the weather was foul but we decided rather than hide from the wind, we would go and see what it can do.  So we headed off to Makara to the West Wind Recreation Area. The sign in the car park recommends that you park your car facing into the wind if possible and to be careful to hold on to the doors when you open or close them.  They are not joking either, it is really windy up there today.20131130-IMG_9674-blogI was trying out a few different techniques with the camera but I don’t think any of them were particularly successful and I deleted all but five of the images I shot. I think I will try the experiment again when it is not so windy and wet. The lens on the camera ended up so mucky it is amazing I got any images at all from it.  My glasses also ended up so mucky that I could barely see through them – some time was spent cleaning them so I could drive home!20131130-IMG_9704-blogIf you look at the bottom of the turbine in the last image, you will two little black dots. They are people!  This gives you an good impression of the size of the turbines as they were standing right next to it.  They are huge!

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  1. Sometime I fly over the wind farm on my way back from Auckland. It’s quite astonishing how far it stretches and there’s something really majestic about all the windmills lined up in rows — and you know there’s a scary landing at Wellington airport just ahead of you…

    Great pictures, despite the mucky lens.


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