Portfolio Set – Dorothy Comley Competition

1-blogI have been meaning to get this post written since Wednesday but time just hasn’t allowed me to do so.  Tuesday night last, the Hutt Camera Club held its AGM and portfolio competitions.  There are two awards up for grabs – the Cliff Perry trophy for beginners  and the Dorothy Comely trophy for everyone else.  Back in 2006 I won the Cliff Perry trophy and then built on that set to gain my Licentiateship of the PSNZ.  I have been trying ever since to win the Dorothy Comley trophy and for the last four years have come in a close second or equal second.  Most frustrating!2-blogThis year I have finally succeeded! My set is of kingfishers and the sequence is related to feeding. I have spend many many hours sitting under a camo blanket at the inlet in the last couple of years photographing the kingfishers and now am happy to be able to put together a small cohesive set of them. They are not an easy bird to photograph and I am by no means finished trying to achieve that magic shot.  Kingfishers have been an extreme learning curve into Nature photography and I have enjoyed every frustrating minute of it!3-blogThese images make up the set that I won the Dorothy Comley trophy with this year and are designed to be viewed in a single line.  I am humbled by the amount of good wishes I received on my facebook page, I didn’t realise that many people read my status updates.  Thank you all!4-blog

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