Tui Antics

Tui singing

Today another bird photographer and I were invited to photograph some tui in the backyard of a fellow bird enthusiast we met online.  She told us she had some very active birds at her feeders and though we might enjoy photographing them. She wasn’t wrong!

Tuis sparing

We had loads of fun in the short time we were there and we definitely want to go back when the light is in the right place.  Enjoy the results of today’s shoot.

Tuis sparing

Fluffed up tui

Tui take off

Tui agressive behaviour

Tui agressive behaviour

Tui agreeive behaviour

Tui agressive behaviour

1 thought on “Tui Antics”

  1. It was good fun this afternoon and I’m delighted with the photos you’ve posted of some of the antics I enjoy all day, every day at the moment.
    The right light will really offer you some stunners!

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