The Grey Warbler & The Whitehead

1E6A3444-blogYesterday a fellow photographer took me to a secret location not far from home where he had found a flock of whiteheads.  Very quick little birds that are very distinctive with the male having, you guessed it, a white head.  So we arrived at this location ( I was blindfolded while I was driving so as not to be able to disclose where it is) and parked not more than 5 metres from where we photographed the birds. 1e6a3387-blog

Still being unable to stand for long I had my camp chair and this was a slight handicap on capturing the speedy little birds but watch out when the moon boot is off, I will be on the move! 1e6a3394-blog

The first little bird to come check us out was a grey warbler. It flitted from tree to tree around us and sang it’s little heart out right above us.  These images are probably the best grey warbler shots I have to date.

1e6a3403-blogI have to insert here that I am loving the Canon 7D Mk2, it is perfect for the job! Not long after that we had a short visit from a male whitehead.  I am not sure it was completely happy with us invading its space, it came down, told us off and then flew back up into the tree tops.

1e6a3440-blogCute, funny and now I have an image of a whitehead!  I have never even seen them before now. And if you ask me where we were?  I am sorry I can’t tell you, the blindfold went back on before I drove us home.


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