Ever changing light


Sometimes the light just doesn’t play nice, yesterday was one of those times.  All of today’s images were taken yesterday at Waimanu Lagoon in a couple of different places and every image has the water looking a different colour.


The sun was out bright enough to burn my nose but the clouds were enough that it got really cold when they passed over.  The wind chill factor was enough to send us home after a couple of hours there.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air for a bit though so I am not really complaining.


I was primarily focusing on the dabchick but also enjoyed the juvenile black swans and of course the NZ Scaups (only saw males, the females are probably off sitting on eggs somewhere).  I am going back there on Friday weather and foot permitting so hopefully will do better then.

Juvenile Black Swan

NZ Scaup

1 thought on “Ever changing light”

  1. Despite fickle light you have some great photos here. The young swans are really changing fast. I love the details on their feathers as they turn from cygnet to swan.
    The first Dabchick photo causes some wondering about what exactly it was doing!
    And you are right about the nasty cold wind. I’m well over it!

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