Stay away from MY nest!

IMG_8710-blogSome birds are extremely protective of their nests and will do whatever it takes to distract you from it if you get too close.  I had this happen last night when I went out just before sunset with my camera. Usually the pied stilts will disappear when I show myself and they will avoid the camera where possible.  On this occasion they actually came closer to me and almost posed!  Well most of them did, a couple slowly sauntered off in different directions and happily settled back on their nests believing me to be sufficiently distracted that I wouldn’t notice.IMG_8680-blogAs it happens I did notice and now that I know where the nests are I will make a point of visiting often in the hope of capturing images of the chicks when they hatch.  I am not about to disturb or upset the birds but now I know where they are I can take more care on my approach and hopefully blend in to the background a little easier. I love the reflections on the water and last night there were some interesting ones, so I made the most of the opportunity.IMG_8639-blog
IMG_8637-blogNot far away from the pied stilts I saw a couple of ducks and photographed them mainly because I like the colour of the setting sun on the water. It wasn’t until I was processing the images that I realised that their head shapes were a little different to the normal duck and their eyes were bright red.  I hopped off to to identify them and found that they are Grey Teal ducks. All the times I have been there I have never noticed them before.  I am going to start looking at the ducks with a little more care in future. As we were leaving I spotted a tui having fun in the flax flowers.  His beak and head were covered in pollen.IMG_8594-blog

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