Down by the riverside…

IMG_9447-blogToday a couple of other photographers and I did a photo shoot with a very obliging young lady.  She is a rope fetish model so we strung her from a tree over the river!  But that is another post, so be prepared or warned, if you are offended by semi-naked flesh then the next blog post after this one is not for you!IMG_9429-blogWhile we were down by the river photographing our delicious model, we noticed a screeching bird flying back and forth.  Turns out it was a kingfisher – I have never heard one make a noise like that before.  The whole time we were there the kingfisher either sat watching us or just flitted about doing what kingfishers do, and all the while I had my small lens on so couldn’t photograph it. When we were done with the ropes and finished lunch I swapped the lens to the bigma and went in search of the bird.IMG_9395-blogI found her easily and she sat patiently while I took her photo. Her patience wasn’t long lasting though and soon she was off about her doing her stuff again.  As we packed up the fantails came out to play and I managed to capture some images of a very young fantail.  It was a lot smaller than the adult birds and still had some of its downy fluff about its neck.  So after being super excited about the successful rope shoot the birds were really the icing on the cake!IMG_9540-blog

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