Ponds, fountains and fish…

IMG_8440-blogYesterday started out promising – that is until I looked out the window.  The weather report had me believing it was going to be a fine day for photography and the truth was that it wasn’t.  It was overcast and dull with the sun peeping through the clouds from time to time. Being the optimist I decided it was worth going out looking for birds anyway.  We headed off to Petone where the tide was on the turn to see what was at the estuary. Simple answer was… not a lot.  So we headed off to lunch instead.IMG_8491-blogWe returned to the estuary after lunch and found a few more birds but none of them were interested in being around humans and made sure they kept their distance.  It was while I was standing staring out at the water that I had a bright idea.  I should get a fountain for the birdbath at home because running water does attract the birds.  We called in at the garden centre on the way home and after agonising about the prices of the pumps decided not to purchase.  Then I found the specials table!  I found a fountain at less than a third of it’s normal price and I bought it!IMG_8505-blogThe fountain of course was too big really for the bird bath – you knew that was going to happen didn’t you.  So we dragged out an old plastic fishpond that we used at our previous house.  It has been used for many things since it was a fishpond but it looked like it was in fine condition.  I filled it and the fountain worked great!  We listened to the running water all afternoon enjoying the sound.  Then we decided it needed a waterlily and some fish to keep the mosquitoes away, so we headed out shopping.IMG_8549-blogWe arrived home to find an empty pond. The fish and the waterlily spent the night in a bucket together and this morning we found a solution.  We have lined the pond with plastic and now the fish are swimming happily around the waterlily in the pond.  The fountain has been put away until a sunny day as we have other things to do today.

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