Sometimes I just want to take a photo…

IMG_8023-blogIt doesn’t matter if it is a good photo or a bad photo, I just need to pick up the camera and shoot.  This usually happens after a couple of days on inactivity with the camera – I start to get twitchy if I don’t get my photo fix.  Today was one of those days.  I had finished work for the day, the sun was still shining and the only bird in the garden was a cheeky blackbird that had just had a bath.  I played around photographing plants for a bit but they didn’t do it for me today.  So it was off to the inlet to see what was there.IMG_8194-blogIt wasn’t much better over there but I was kept amused trying to capture swallows in flight. Damn those little birds move fast!  Even the kingfishers are easier that the swallows, at least they fly in a straight line!  A heron joined me for a little while but it wasn’t doing much exciting and the light was getting bad so I didn’t do much with him.  I turned the camera to the moon instead.  On the way home we saw a hawk circling in the sky.  Of course by the time I stopped the car it was just that much further away.  All in all not the best of shoots but fun all the same.  IMG_8272-blog

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